February 15, 2013

Under Valentine's Golden Moon + TYS Weekend Style Links

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Hello style lovers! Hope your Valentine's Day was a happy one! As you probably already know, the Marc Jacobs show with it's giant golden orb was the spectacle of NYFW. Meanwhile Instagram was exploding yesterday with end-of-NYFashion Week-goodness, Valentine's Day mayhem and the start of London Fashion Week.

In addition to being caught up with all this eye candy extraordinaire,  I spent my morning savoring cappuccinos rooftop on Rodeo Drive while getting a quick Valentine's touch-up at Vito Esposito from my favorite colorist, Vito himself. There was a truly intimate moment with this cupcake after I sat down with the fabulous author and relationship expert/coach Lauren Francis, whose long list of accomplishments include touring as Victoria Secret's Flirt Fairy{!} More details on this interview and her delightful Dressing For Romantic Success tips coming soon...Not to mention I had what I can only describe as a fashion {dare-I-say-orgasm?} in Los Angeles' good karma den of inequity--Bleu Clothing where I tried on lots of amazing pieces including some from the new Man Repeller line. All this before Valentine's eve--it was quite the celebration!

I'm signing off early today but wanted to leave you with Trust Your Style's favorite style links of the week:

Ralph's Show Was Pretty Amazing!
 photo 2aa45bdd-6c34-47fa-b2ab-435b7433c154_zps35e28a54.jpg
Swooning over all of it! Image via @VogueAustralia

Loving Little Details
 photo 50f4b33b-8603-4927-a95d-41f3a02927ce_zpsf5b3e5e6.jpg
Perhaps this Eudon Choi headpiece straight off yesterday's London Fashion Week runway won't play well in Peoria or daily life in general, but I fell in love with it's wit and whimsy.  Via @elleuk.com

I heart Domenico De Sole
 photo 16dae9f0-42fc-4ccc-97c6-160cc27c3f18_zps7b7e25f2.jpg
If you've been reading TrustYourStyle from the beginning {going on almost 8 years} then you know I'm a hard core Domenico De Sole fan. As I perused this beautiful article {hitting newsstands tomorrow) on  his fabulous “clean, straightforward modernism” home and equally impressive contemporary art collection, I found myself incredibly moved by Domenico De Sole's dedication to fashion creativity and the way he has protected and championed some of our great designers. Image via WSJ Magazine.

Daydream Tripper
 photo 97d49d93-9f18-4bf1-817d-82ededaf9b31_zpsab987c2b.jpg
Last but not least, this room by the sea from @VogueAustralia has me daydreaming.

Top image via @kcdworldwide

Happy weekend style-lovers! 
Remember, no matter what you see happening on the runways... 
the most important thing is to trust your style!

xo Mary Jo

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Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

you had an awesome valentine's day mary jo! good for you! nothing like treating yourself :D

Claire said...

i love it! sounds like you had a wonderful Vday morn. wow, 8 years! congrats on staying with it. hope the rest of your Vday was as fab as the beginning!


Couture Carrie said...

Awesome links, darling!
Also, loving your new profile pic ~ gorgeous!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Marc Jacobs is such a genius when it comes to runway shows {and clothes, in general}. I will never forget that golden orb / sun!

Happy Weekend, love! :)

Beauty Follower said...

Liked the first picture!


Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

That sounds like the perfect Valentine's treat, sitting on Rodeo Drive getting a touch-up and enjoying the treats the day has to offer ... love it. Thanks so much for stopping by this week, Mary Jo, and your sweet comment ... now I'm off to check out a few of your links! xo ~S

SANDY M Illustration

K.I.S.S. said...

Great post dear. Would you like to follow each other?

MissySue Hanson said...

Just Beautiful!

love + luck + bliss,

Sara said...

Wow looks like you had tons of fun! fantastic photos!


MOSAMUSE said...

thats a beautiful runway photo!


dimitri said...

It's a very nice and interesting post May Jo.
Love Ralph Lauren and the first pictures is absolutely beautiful.

Jenee C. said...

Sounds like such an amazing day! The golden orb at the Marc Jacobs show reminds me of an Olafur Eliasson exhibit. I can't wait to check out Man Repeller's clothing mine. Maybe I can stop by Bleu Clothing when I visit California in May :) :)

xx Jenee C.
{camo meets couture}

ChicStreetChoc Eriel said...


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