June 13, 2012

the gorgeous season

It's that time when tourists {along with many a long-lost out-of-town friend} have descended on my part of the world.


Sorry to duck out, but for the time being I'm caught up enjoying the cool breeze, sunny days, toasts, feats of surf greatness, sand + sea and the garden...
Hoping to check back in on Friday, recharged and ready for more.
Wishing you a happy rest of your week!


Beauty Follower said...

Great pictures!

MM said...

Wow!! I love these pictures!! I would love to be there!! Enjoy the sunny days, honey!!


katie said...

gorgeous indeed...i've lived here all my life, and i'm still not used to the colors, sunsets...how amazing the mornings look at the beach..
pinch yourself pretty.
hope you're having a beautiful week yourself pretty lady.

Diana Mieczan said...

Have a fantastic week, sweetie. See you soon:) xoxo

classiq said...

Have a great time, Mary Jo! I can't wait for the weekend to cool off somewhere outside the city. :)

Emma said...

OH, I want to sit at a quiet table bedecked with peonies and sip champagne. Until then, this cubicle will suffice!

MOSAMUSE said...

nie pix! loving the pink starfish :)


Punctuation Mark said...

Have fun my friend... Trips to Cali are soooo expensive I won't be able to make it there un a while... Ugh!

Alexis Grace said...

GO! Enjoy!!!! I would do the same!

rolala said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying your week in such a lovely manner! Rest up and recharge!

Rowena @ rolala loves

Anna said...

Enjoy! Gorgeous pics.

Boye By Red said...

I absolutely love these pictures.
Have a fabulous rest of the week. Sounds like a great plan escaping the tourists!

Red xx

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous collage, darling!
Love bikinis and heels!


Sarah Klassen said...

Have a wonderful time, Mary Jo! xx


Such a pretty post! Wish I were there to enjoy :)

Have a great week, Mary Jo! xoxo

Shelly { @ Quiet Luxury } said...

That glass of champagne would be awesome right about now! :)


Krystal said...

enjoy it to the fullest!!

Carla Coulson said...

I linked your blog today in my Friday post just because your fabulous and I love your work!
Carla xx
Have a lovely weekend

Rachel S said...

Love your pictures! Great blog!

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Oh, I would love to be in your part of the world...it looks so summery and beautiful!

Callie Grayson said...

Hope you are recharged and completely relaxed!

Miss Margaret Cruzemark said...

What an amazing and ispiring collection of images!!! Well done!!!
Sending you kisses and hugs.
Best Regards
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Kayleigh said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment,it means so much that you like my designs.
These are really beautiful,such wonderful designs and illustrations,so talented.
Hope your having a wonderful day x

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