October 6, 2011

Kimia Klein's Fair and Lovely Dune Residency Paintings


Branding, Watercolor and acrylic on paper, 11"x15", 2011

You may remember that Kimia was an Eye on Style guest recently. During her amazing Dune Residency in India, Kimia painted a slew of gorgeous new paintings. I asked her to drop by and talk about her new work.


"My paintings are inspired by the beauty and ugliness that exist in the fashion world/media. In most fashion ads we see women that look the exact same in terms of skin color and body type, and we are taught this is the “ideal” image of female beauty.

95% of the time we see models that represent only 5% of what humanity looks like, and this phenomenon is one that goes largely unnoticed and collectively ignored. I've had the opportunity to live in 6 different countries, and in every single one the women wanted to look like Caucasian models. For example, when I first arrived in India, I was shocked to see daily commercials for a cream called “Fair and Lovely” that bleaches your skin to make it lighter. This cream is illegal in the US because it is proven to cause cancer, but it is a number 1 best seller here in Southern India.


Women (and men) around the world are experiencing global brainwashing in regards to beauty, and as a Persian woman that does not fit into the Eurocentric “ideal”, I suppose I'm more aware of it. Ultimately the frustration I feel towards popular notions of beauty inspires the work. "


Thank you Kimia for dropping by!


classiq said...

It's lovely to see Kimia's latest works. It's wonderful to see how her paintings are inspired by the many place she travels to.

Lindsay said...

Very beautiful pieces. It's sad to hear about the Indian skin bleaching though.

Alexa said...

I LOVE Kimia's work! She is so talented...and her paintings are just dreamy.

Punctuation Mark said...

she is so talented... i love how colorful her work is!

Alexis Grace said...

The second water color is lovely--- Kimia seems like such a thoughtful artist!

Boye By Red said...

These paintings are very interesting and even if some of them carry disturbing messages, they are still in a way beautiful


Bourbon&Pearls said...

Oh I love the last two watercolours,must go check out her work. Are you going to review the Bel Air for me?
Please, pretty please!

LPC said...

Wow. These are really cool.

dimitri said...

These paintings are so beautifil. I love the colors.
She is very talented.

Ophelia said...

Wow, her paintings are gorgeous!


Kimia Kline said...

thanks for this lovely feature mary jo! xo.

Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

A VERY interesting read! Thank you for this. I looked at the images first and then read the text... and looked at them differently.

Jessi said...

reminds me of Kirchner's work - love it

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