February 28, 2011

life's little luxuries

Here we are on the last day of February--a chilly rainy month here in California and even colder in other parts of the world. When it's dreary out, it's the small pleasures that make life magical, help us regroup and go inward. Here are a few of mine:

staying cozy


I love having flowers in the house even when they wilt from the fire that's going most evenings + little pleasures like a new reading lamp, a moody photo, heated mattress pads throughout the house, and baking fresh chocolate chip banana bread--so decadent!

taming life's messy moments


Despite the fact that I get to have some of the top hairstylists in the world work on my hair {beauty editor perk}, after the past few years of vacillating between deep brunette and sun-streaked beachiness, it was somehow not looking its best. Luckily Aaron Johles, a stylist I met at the McMillan Canale salon a few months back when I was getting my hair worked on by the master duo, suggested I come in for a three-step Japanese conditioning treatment by Nigelle Hy.

I was early for my hair treatment at McMillan Canale Salon, nestled at the back of Malibu Country Mart {don't let the name fool you, it's less country and more laid-back glam shopping haven/celeb hangout} and wandered by the yoga studio where the most delicious smell was drifting out. Surprised because I couldn't place it--not incense, but more like a fire burning in a wet lush forest--I asked the owner of Malibu Shaman a few doors down if he knew what the yoga studio was burning. A stroke of brilliance because he hooked me up with a package of heaven: 3 little sticks of Palo Santo plus I came home with silky smooth hair to boot. Now Aaron's turned me on to some great products that you can use at home: a Finish hair repair product, System4
R Chitosan Hair Repair
that's great for blow drying, and the Nigelle Hy 4x treatment system, which is composed of 4 tubes of conditioning treatment to keep up the beautiful shine. And who doesn't love smooth silky hair?

scented pleasures


When I moved into my house, I imaged I'd be using the large deep oval tub on a regular basis. Sadly it's only been used a dozen times or so--I'm more addicted to my open shower where I can gaze through the window at trees and sky, and more to the point, get in and out in a matter of minutes. On a whim, I decided to end the month with a warm scented bath {a good excuse to put my natural perfumery education to work for me instead of a client}. While the bath ran, I whipped up a lime, green mandarin, vanilla and lavender bath oil, lit a candle and a stick of Palo Santo, put on some relaxing music and slipped into the tub with a glass of wine. Now that's one of the best little luxuries I can think of. I'm planning on doing it again soon..maybe tonight!

What are some of your favorite little luxuries from this past month? I'd love to know!



Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Really, I find time with my friends to be most luxurious -- probably because I'm always working on creating some sort of wonderfully decadent meal for them. Being with them causes me to slow down, set aside schoolwork for a bit, and just have fun. I wouldn't mind a bath tub too though.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I love staying cozy with my kitties when the weather is chilly; and luxurious baths - I can never resist! I always fill mine with vanilla fragrances - my favorite scent!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
Love these pics!


Char said...

digging my toes into the sand at the beach and then taking dessert back to eat in bed during my vacation.


Malibu Country Mart is my favorite...in fact we were there yesterday! Sounds like you had a fab weekend Mary Jo! xo

Tamara Nicole said...

Luxuries for me: traveling with the hubby, bubble baths, brunch with the girls, coffee (always!), hmmm the list goes on and on, I love a lot of things.

Oooh and sweet gifts from friends, I wear my scarf allll the time, have to do a mini photo shoot with it!

the chirpy bird said...

Choccy chip banana bread is an ol' time fav of mine too! Especially seeing as it just gets better with age! Hmm Luxuries from the past month? I'm obsessed with SLS Ciel spa... sigh.. and I treated myself recently to a day there. I was a new woman! I've also been taking myself on some amazing hikes around LA... I need to be around nature frequently otherwise I feel less like me and more like a loon haha

p.s. Love Malibu country mart... another fav of mine
:) x tash

About Last Weekend said...

There are so few people who can do blond and brunette but you are one of those people! Little luxuries... I love just going to bed and getting under the covers ...and sleeping. Better than all the most expensive beauty treatments in the world...

Design Elements said...

relaxing music, tub and a glass of wine sounds perfect :-) I love reading (ok not in the bath but also near water) ...at the sea is my fav place just reading and waiting for the wind. When I feel it's getting windy love to go surfing... Hugs to you, Mary Jo
p.s.: you look beautiful on the header

Relyn said...

I adore that moody photo. Hey, I was wondering if you got my email? No rush, but I have been having trouble and just wanted to make sure it got through.

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