December 28, 2010

Happy Intentions

Today I'm back with more happy intentions from some of my favorite blogger friends...

Samantha Hahn of Maquette, is one of my first blogger friends that I got to meet in person when she and her husband flew out to California. We met via an email that I received one day with some really cool illustrations that Samantha had done with my handbags. I liked them so much that we ended up collaborating on a series of illustrations she did for my line. Since that time Sam has poured more energy than anyone I know into her illustration career and it has paid off! You may have seen her illustrations for AphroChic featured in the NYT recently.


Samantha walking her baby Henry

One of Samantha's happy intentions for 2011: To dream big but take notice of what is already good in my life.

Couture Carrie is one of my daily reads, and to say it's fashion eye candy doesn't really do it justice. CC loads each post with so many dazzling images of a particular trend--think ruffles, strapless, off-the-shoulder, plaid, coats, capes, gowns, minis--that the possibilities feel endless. She also does the best weekly architectural inspiration series of anyone I've seen in the blogsphere!

Russian Vogue courtesy Fellow Fashionista Fashion Pulse

Image Russian Vogue courtesy fellow fashionista Fashion Pulse

CC's happy intention for 2011: I intend to be more creative in the new year!

Sue from The Zhush has impeccable taste--she always draws you in with the perfect chic find that satisfies the soul, and is so warm and down to earth that you just want to dive into her yummy images and linger a bit with her.


My intention for 2011 is to be more present in the moment, to stop racing to the next thing...even in my mind. The to do list will always be there, but my children will only be young once. Wish me luck!


Stay tuned for more happy intentions and please tell me what your happy intention is for 2011, I'd love to know!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling MJ!
I am so happy to be included!
Thank you so much for your super sweet words about me and my blog :)

Love this series!


Susanna-Cole King said...

Oh, baby Henry's curls are darling, as is he! And Samantha's happy intention is terribly true, I think it's easy to always look ahead, when sometimes one should observe what is good and already there.

Warm wishes for a wonderful new year!


Brandi said...

I just love these intentions for the new year. I think I'll try to sum up mine in a single line too.

Jen of Made By Girl said...

Love dream big but to take notice of what is already good in my life... :) Have a great new year!

shari @ little blue deer said...

Awesome! Love these guys, I need to get my intention to you! Just a lot going on this holiday season! XX!

Lisa Griffin said...

i really love samantha's intention that is the perfect wording!!

Char said...

i'm enjoying the intentions


What a great post Mary Jo! Very inspiring. My intentions for 2011 are to laugh more, live in the moment more (Sue had the right idea, we lose sight of what is important sometimes), cook more, and embark on new adventures and experiences! xo

Whimsy Being said...

Love this post, Mary Jo! First off, I need to check out these blogs asap. Secondly, love your intention of being more present...I have to agree that this is something I need to work as well. Hm...I'm trying to think of my 2011 intention...I'll ponder over this one!

Angel.Pearls said...

Thanks for interesting blog-links! My intentions for 2011 is to trust myself..Love/ Eva

Rebecca Newport said...

oh what pretty photos! Thanks for introducing me from The Zhush x

The Zhush said...

Thank you for having me over to participate in this lovely series!

Cafe Fashionista said...

It is wonderful to see so many enchanting intentions for the New Year. I'm also quite smitten with the fact that you have entitled this series Happy Intentions, as opposed to Resolutions - it sounds so much more elegant (and reduces the pressure in a way). :)

Kirby said...

this is lovely! I need to think of some happy intentions for myself for the new year. I'll get back to you on this one!

Jen said...

Ok, so Samantha's blog is new to be (will check it out next) but the other two... aren't they the best? They're my daily reads!!

Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

I'm also doing a perfume giveaway right now if you're interested!

PEACHES said...

Ohmygoodness what a wonderful collection you are curating! And so timely too. Between you and me, I'm sick to death of hearing about everyone's boring ass crash diet in the new year. Let's hear more about pearls and lipstick and chocolate cake and the happy little pleasures we can incorporate into the everyday.

pve design said...

Wonderful! Super series....
My happy intention for 2011 is to be "gentle" on myself.

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