September 9, 2010

Nigel Barker: Beauty Equation

Today Nigel Barker, fashion photographer and judge on the last 15 seasons of America's Next Top Model, has stopped by TrustYourStyle to chat about his new book, Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation.

BeautyEquationCover credit Nigel Barker LLC

I read Nigel's book and love the fact that it's about a lot more than how to look more beautiful, it's about the essential elements such as honesty, spontaneity, charm, compassion, giving back, and humor that will bring out your inner beauty. Nigel is generously offering a copy of his new book to a lucky Trust Your Style reader, and I think you'll enjoy his formula for what equates true beauty.

mj: I loved your story about how you arrived in Milan as a young model and had no place to stay your first night. Can you talk about how self-sufficiency creates confidence and why this is such an attractive quality in a woman (or any person)?

nigel: Thank you and although an absolutely true story it's not an experience I recommend. You just never know what curve balls life will throw at you. The question is how will you deal with it? My stubborn nature and sheer determination to make things work got me through that night and paved the way for the rest of my life. Self sufficiency enables you to take control and lead the way. That said I had the luxury of knowing that my folks were there if I needed them. I never claim to be a "one man band," in fact I would be no one without the team of friends, colleagues, family and especially my wife by my side in support and in guidance. The Beauty Equation sets out to show you that it's not about questioning everything you do nor is it about thinking you have all the answers. True confidence is knowing when to ask for help and when to make a hard decision that might be uncomfortable for you. That's what makes you a leader.

mj: Who are the people that most influenced your understanding of what true beauty is?

nigel: My wife is an extremely selfless individual who knows little of her true beauty yet leaves a wake of open mouths behind her as she glides through life working quiet miracles. The ability to be humble and modest in your success and let the results do the talking for you are attributes I've always admired. I have been quoting Gandhi and Mother Teresa for years and truly I look up to no one more than them.

mj: Who most influenced your own style?

nigel: I do not reference many other artists and like to approach every project with an open mind. Of course I admire photographers such as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn and film makers like Orsen Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Martin Scorsese. Their ability to not only voyeuristically capture history and the moment but provoke it make them the legends they are today.

mj: Who are a few of the most stylish and charming people that you've met?

nigel: Style is all about your ability to pull off whatever look you're working. I have had the luck of meeting many stylish and charming individuals in many walks of life. From celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Russell Brand, Tyra Banks and Jane Krakowski to designers like Vera Wang, Valentino, Nicole Miller and Pamella Roland to tribal leaders from the Maasai Mara, children suffering from pediatric AIDS and school teachers in Cite Soleil, Haiti. I am always seeking true confidence combined with natural charm and style. Believe me, if you keep your eyes open it's everywhere and often where you'd least expect it.

Thank you Nigel for stopping by and best of luck with your new book! If you'd like a chance to win Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation, leave a comment below about what true beauty means to you.


Brandi said...

Mary Jo, you have the best interviews on your blog! I'll have to check out Nigel's book; I love his attitude toward beauty and style. And if you think of some of the people we've considered real beauties -- Grace, Audrey, Marilyn -- they've all had those inner qualities.

The Simply Luxurious Life said...

Mary Jo, when I read your tweet last night about interviewing Nigel, I couldn't wait for this post. I had no idea he had a book. Your interviews with such respectable people in the fashion industry are something I always want to check out. Thank you for sharing them with your readings. What Nigel says about style being the ability to pull off whatever look you're working is so true and I love how he speaks about his wife.

True beauty really is about more than just the clothes. A person's true character makes them truly beautiful or not.

Great job and I hope the week gradually slows down so you are able to enjoy and relax a bit more.

Always good to hear from you. :)

CJ said...

I have been on a beauty book kick lately. This one sounds amazing....Got my fingers crossed! Happy Thursday!

Couture Carrie said...

Fab interview!
Love his influences!


Linda said...

The truly beautiful have self-confidence, excellent health, a generous spirit -- and high cheekbones.

Sergé said...

Ah yes, those 1/2 Sri Lankan guys are irresistible, charming, well-traveled, debonair, etc. Great interview!

Di Overton said...

I can't comment on this post as I haven't got a clue who he is but I m popping by to say HELLO!

Melissa said...


To me, true beauty means being comfortable in your own skin. It means embracing your authentic self, for better or worse. It's so hard to be comfortable in your own skin, day in and day out, wherever life my take you. I find the most beautiful people radiant because of their authenticity.

Sarah Klassen said...

What a fabulous interview! I truly enjoyed learning about Nigel. To me, true beauty is internal: a love of life and people, an understanding of who you are, and being confident in that. Appreciating those around you, and those moments that feel like "mistakes". Learning through life is truly beautiful...

Anonymous said...

how can I see older posts? I can't seem to find the link.

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