October 8, 2009

room with a view: sofia's charming french living room

I'm so happy we're getting a peek into the living room of my friend Sofia's home today! Sofia is wonderful artist and another blogger friend I made when I first started out with trustyourstyle four years ago. She is an artist living with her husband outside of Paris and sells all sorts of sweet and wonderful things in her etsy shop. It's my hope to finally meet up in person this coming year--fingers crossed I will make it back to Europe soon!

mj: Can you tell me a little bit about the room? Is the kitchen part of this room as well?

sophia: Yes, it is a dining/eating room as well. I have also a small open kitchen on the other side. We live in a small 2 rooms apartment.

mj: I always like to ask what you had in mind when you put the room together?

sofia: Cozy, that's what I thought of first, I want to feel good inside my home. Red is my favorite color and I like it in touches along with white and brown in a house. I wanted to feel a lot of warmness too.

mj: What is your favorite thing about the room? Anything you'd like to add or change? (I love the birds flying on your wall!)

sofia: My favorite thing is the art wall. I absolutely want to keep filling it and I also adore to just lay on that couch and watch a movie. The birds were made by my husband, he owns a professional sticker machine, so I'm the only one having those birds, they are one of a kind. I've changed things last week so at the moment I don't know what else could I change more, oh yes I would love to have taller ceilings but for that I can't do nothing! Unfortunately!


♥ Donna Vitan said...

Her home is very inviting!

Thank you for stopping by my site earlier!


I love to have a peek into the space where other people live, to spy on how their own mind's eye paces.

There is a little musical rhythm going on here but, which tune.
Yes, it's French but, is it not a slice of Swedish too?

I see aprons.
I taste tarts.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I so need this to be my living room. I'm especially smitten with the little hearts hanging about - absolutely adorable and charming! :)

Rachel Follett said...

Charming indeed! Love those pillows!

s said...

thank you so much Mary Jo this is a beautiful post :) Hope to see you in Paris soon.

Cathi said...

what a wonderfully charming home...i would be so comfy relaxing in that space...thanks for letting us take a peek into your friends life! happy weekend to you!

Shannon V. said...

I'm so glad my friend Allegra told me about your blog! I am getting ready to do a post on photo walls and LOVE your friend's art wall. Her place has such a unique style.

Apt#34 said...

Indeed, an incredibly charming spot. Love it!

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