June 12, 2009

Eye on Style: Sarah Klassen

photo by David Arias

Today's Eye On Style guest is Sarah Klassen of Haute Design. I'm glad to finally be profiling one of my stylish Canadian readers! Sarah is one of my favorite new bloggers and I think you will enjoy!

Sarah Klassen

location: Surrey, Canada

occupation: Truthfully, since attaining my degree in Graphic Design for Marketing (just a year ago) I have worked on a range of fun and interesting projects that include: Graphic Design, Interior decor, and fashion styling. I am an entrepreneur at heart and currently, am quite excited to be working on a new company, along with a partner, that we are looking forward to launching in the near future.

outfit: Peep-toe shoes by Arturo Chiang; dress by Sugarspice; linen Cardigan by Sandwich; gray resin rose ring.

favorite designers: Chanel, there’s nothing like classic Chanel pieces. They are beautiful and quite suitable, whether you are 15 or 75 years old. ChloĆ©, particularly for their handbags. For me, it's the beautifully crafted, buttery leather combined with chunky hardware, that adorn and weigh the gorgeous handbags down immaculately. Ali Ro, for their fresh, youthful lifestyle collections, built for the contemporary woman. Each piece created is ultra feminine. (I'm incredibly girly). Michael Kors, whose quality is evident throughout his collections, whether you are purchasing a simple black tank, or a party dress. I appreciate how he has such a strong comprehension of the female form and how to compliment it just so with his pieces. Hazel, for their incredibly unique trench coats. Their pieces communicate a sense of confidence and strength, and most importantly, femininity. Mike and Chris, for their everyday collections. There’s something so luxurious and comforting about their fabrics and designs.

What style means to Sarah: To me, style resides from the inside out, both internal and external. How a person carries and conducts themselves. How they treat those around them. I strongly believe that no matter what shape you are, or what features you have, it is best to highlight your greatest assets and ignore the rest. Celebrate your natural beauty! This is far easier said than done, for it took me until I was about 18 to come to terms with my natural red hair, and to truly appreciate the uniqueness of it. I learned to work with it, not against it.

I have had some wonderful, strong female influences in my life, that have helped to shape and guide my style choices over the years. They have taught me that being more modest can be far more alluring than showing a lot of skin, to purchase items that truly suit my body shape and personality, and that investing in a few quality pieces can take style much further than purchasing many pieces just to fill my wardrobe. Ultimately, I believe in exercising confidence in who you are and celebrating one’s style on a daily basis!

Thank you Sarah for stopping by--I love your definition of style!


A Life More Fabulous said...

Great interview - Sarah has impeccable taste!

Style Redux 2 said...

I just found your blog through Sarah at Haute Design and love it. My daughter and co-blogger is a fashion stylist and I know she will really enjoy it. I have added you to our blogrolls.

paula said...

I just love her and this interviews. I love how you embrace your girlishness. Love, love the photo!

Miss Eve said...

Oh she's so stylish and gorgeous and I love that dress on her. Hope you have a great weekend dear Mary Jo. I will check out the Matthew Williamson bikini :-) Much love: Evi

Miss Ansaloni said...

Totally agree with Sarah. Style is nothing but how you feel about yourself, is a self-statement, an attitude towards life. I strongly believe that each one of us have a goddess inside which we have to nurture with love and respect; Ultimately that creates our unique and personal style.
Days in which I feel incredible femenine whatever I wear becomes an extension of what I am feeling. The message I send is "I feel great with myself"
This brings me back to my own appreciation of "Style". It is best to say style has nothing to do with wearing trendy, must-have, expensive designers clothes, a good example ( with all my respect) is Mrs. Victoria Beckham, with all the money she spends in ultra expensives items, is my believe she has no sense of Style. The message she sends is "I can buy expensive things" that's all.
Love your post.

Rachel Follett said...

I love her outfit and her blog is gorgeous! Thanks for the intro!

maureen said...

Sarah is gorgeous---inside & out!Her blogs is one of the best one out there.Thanks for featuring her:)

Sanity Fair said...

Hurrah! I LOVE Sarah's work and writing and am a long time followers of her blog. Thanks for doing this great story on her, and I'm enjoying your blog!

Anne @ The City Sage said...

Stylish AND canadian?! How did I not know about her before? Thanks for the intro MJ! I'm off to drool over her blog :)

sweet melody said...

SO stylish.

Check out sweety: http://sweetmelodiesclothes.blogspot.com/

pve design said...

Funny, I was just visiting and I thought she reminds me of you....stylish gals seem to rise to the top like lovely cream.

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