November 21, 2008

Eye on Style: Dallas Shaw

You didn't really think I'd leave you with a feline style guru for the weekend did you? Here is this week's real Eye on Style--happy Friday!

Many of you have probably seen the work of Dallas Shaw around the web--she gets tons of write-ups + she has a website:, etsy store and blog: DillyDallas. Dallas is also super sweet, talented and has great style--I think you will enjoy meeting her!

Occupation: full time artist/designer.

Location: Newark, DE

Wearing: A navy Anthropologie dress, black tights from Target, Coach riding boots. (She also has a small peacock feather in her hair from pookie & sebastion, but you can't see it in this photo). Dallas thinks the best accessory is one of her two chihuahuas--Pippen.

Here is what Dallas has to say about her favorite designers and style:

My favorite designers change often, but right now they are Reem Acra, Philip Lim, Max Azria and Diane Von Furstenburg.

Style to me means that you wear what you like with confidence. I think that what you wear says a lot about you, so I think it's important to trust your instinct when it comes to fashion and wear what you like. Sometimes I like to shop alone so no one can influence my purchases--then I am always buying what I really want and not what other people think is best for me.

Thanks Dallas for posing for Eye On Style! Wishing you all a happy fun weekend!


Sam said...

She's wearing such a gorgeous dress

Karen said...

I heart Dallas Shaw!!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I agree! Super cute, the whole outfit!

The City Sage said...

Oooooh those boots. Those boots. I'm totally smitten.

And YES to reem acra! I wore a reem wedding gown and can say without question that it was the most perfect thing I have ever worn in my I just have to find a way to attend a red carpet premiere so I can have an excuse to wear more of her stuff! you know, in my OTHER life as a philanthropist/starlette/fashionista who attends red carpet premieres ;)

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

I love Reem Acra too--nobody used to know who I was talking about when I would just swoon over those gowns. How wonderful you had a RA wedding dress!

Leigh said...

I adore her. She is such a great inspiration as well. Looking good Dallas:)

Mrs.French said...

she is so wonderful...and we have the same boots, I feel just a bit cooler now...xo

Mrs.French said...

she is so wonderful...and we have the same boots, I feel just a bit cooler now...xo

Dallas Shaw said...

Thanks everyone- you are all so sweet!

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