October 29, 2008

ready for halloween?

Weird confession: I'm sort of obsessed with small pin-cushion fruits/veggies, so when I saw this on the Cut Out & Keep blog, I had to check it out. Click here to learn how to make this little felted pumpkin. Cut Out and Keep also has some fab Halloween recipes for dead bread and vegan eyeball cupcakes in the latest issue of their online mag Snippets.

Micha Mae writes about Dead Bread over at Cut Out and Keep.

Hope you have a ton of fun this Halloween!


Anonymous said...

That's nothing. I once built a truck out of navel lint

Mary Jo said...

Are you kidding? We made a space ship out of fairy dust and commute to LA in it regularly.

Down Comforter said...

nice stuff

Heather said...

Love the felted pumpkin! Thanks for commenting on my blog last week. That gorgeous whale necklace is not one of a kind - it's so beautiful. Have a great day!

Mary Jo said...

Thanks Heather! I will be in touch about that whale.

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