October 8, 2008

more confessions of a beauty editor

It took me awhile to get used to the fact that whenever someone finds out I'm a beauty editor, they start to squint and peer at my skin, trying not to make it too obvious--yet it's usually never subtle. After a few moments and a good long stare, I usually get the pronouncement--nice skin. What else can they say at this point?

Ole Henriksen micro/mini peel system

It's kind of ironic that I actually have the kind of skin where less product, less makeup, less other people's hands on my face is more. Anyone with sensitive skin knows that trying out new products can cause a break out or dry the skin out and create a lovely red and peeling effect on the chin, as many of the skin creams I've been sent to try out have been known to do. In fact, up until recently, I'd always request any treatment at a spa except a facial. And even then, I've had spas who will try and sneak in a partial facial, telling me that it's just a mini one. Two days of breaking out later, I bemoan the fact that after being scrubbed, pumiced, kneaded, and then rinsed with a warm Vichy shower, I didn't have the willpower to just say no.

All this buildup just so you can understand that when I met skin care guru Ole Henriksen at Sundance last January and he highly recommended that I try his micro/mini peel system, I wasn't sure. Why why why did I not listen to this man who radiates GORGEOUS skin every time I run into him, whether it's in freezing snow or at a sunny cafe in Beverly Hills? He did convince me to try the facial he developed for sensitive skin at his spa (I'm a convert), but he was also gently adamant after taking a look at my skin that if I'd try his micro/mini peel system consisting of Almond Polish, Lemon Strip, and Chamomile Comfort once a week for six weeks, I'd see an amazing difference.

Hmmm...I thought about it for 7 months--what can I say, I'm conservative when it comes to my skin. But in early September I saw that there had been one too many naps on the beach, all that decadent time by the pool at Golden Door, and too many lunches at any sunny locale I could find. Long story about to get short--I started using Ole's micro/mini peel system 3 weeks ago and love it! It makes my skin look as if I just had a facial, and I promise--if it works on sensitive skin like mine, it will work on yours too! For more info about Ole Henriksen's micro/mini peel system click here.

My rock: Kimberly Sayer Daily Moisturizing Cream--SPF25

Meanwhile, after giving a whole new round of beauty creams a try, I came back full circle to my tried-and-true favorite skincare line, Kimberly Sayer of London. Kimberly Sayer Cellular Extract Eye Lift Gel and Daily Moisturizing Cream--SPF25 are part of my every day basic skin routine along with her Gentle Face Cleanser that I leave by my shower and use at the end of the day. Also near the shower: a jar of Kimberly Sayer's heavenly-smelling Gentle Almond & Lavender Scrub that I use once a week.

Kimberly Sayer Aromatic Night Repair Cream

I should also mention that Kimberly Sayer has a couple of new products out that I'm really loving: Aromatic Night Repair Cream. (*Adore* this one!) For anyone with dry sensitive skin, this is a heavenly rich and deep-penetrating night treatment. Gentle and chemical free, it contains the finest steam distilled organic ingredients such as pure plant oils and extracts. Perfect for the upcoming winter months!

Kimberly Sayer Firming Botanical Face Serum

I'm also enjoying Kimberly Sayer Firming Botonical Face Serum. You just need a drop to smooth over the face and neck. It tones the skin and is wonderful under makeup.

Muse by Mandy Aftel; solid perfume in a sterling silver compact

Before I sign off, I have to talk a little about natural perfume. I don't usually cover perfume in my columns because mainstream synthetic perfume, no matter how expensive, makes me sneeze. But then I found the world of natural perfume. I haven't written much about it yet because I've been too immersed in studying it for the past year under Mandy Aftel. Mandy has spearheaded the artisanal natural perfumery movement in the United States and has been called the Alice Waters of American natural perfume. Even if you're not interested in understanding the fine nuances of natural perfume, which are not unlike understanding the intricacies of couture or fine wine, the actual experience of smelling it is likely to convince you to leave department store perfume once and for all. I'm a fan of Muse, a clean ambery musk that can be worn over any other Aftelier Perfume to create a warmer fragrance. Muse inspires beautiful things, what more could you ask for?

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