September 1, 2008

fashion/beauty editor bares all

Not really. But it is the season to hang up the bikini and survey what comes next. Clothes will be covered soon, but for now, suffice to say that too much fun and sun has taken its toll.

Thank goodness for Ole Henriksen's delectable skin care products is all I can say! After I was attacked at the beach by an army of spiders--never saw them, but there are 20+ bites on my shoulder to attest to my claim--I was seriously in pain until I remembered my tub of Ole Henriksen's all purpose aloe vera gel. It's an oil-free gel that helps soothe skin irritations with chamomile Instant relief! The redness, itchiness, and pain has faded away. Sad but true, I have so many products to try out in my bathroom, that I often forget some of my favorite ones. This tub was stashed along side my Ole Henriksen african red tea self heating body souffle, a luxurious anti-oxidant creme that powerfully moisturizes and heats up the body when applied wet. Yummy!

Raise your hand if you have end-of-the-summer nail blues...I'm a fan of everything OPI and think their products are just great + user-friendly. OPI Nail Envy Natural Nail Strengtheners are just what I need after a summer spent equal parts in the sand and the garden. The new line of Nail Strengtheners includes five custom formulas designed to help nails reach their optimum strength. I have a feeling that the new Maintenance Nail Envy, which features just the right balance of strengthening and protective ingredients to keep nails in great condition will be my new staple.

See, I really do try out all these soaps

Finally I have more soap to rave about. Well maybe soap is the wrong word...Emotibombs from LUSH, my favorite maker of fresh handmade cosmetics, are an aromatherapy/natural perfume explosion in the shower. They're fizzy but dissolve more slowly than a bath bomb, and with names like Sex In The Shower, Too Drunk To, Up You Gets, and Up The Wooden Hill, each with mood enhancing essential oils to suit whatever mood you're in-- you're likely to have some post-summer fun...I'm just sayin'

Okay that's it everyone--no more lamenting the end of summer. Tomorrow we start with Fall, fresh as daisy!

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