September 17, 2008

Fashion Photographs from Nine Decades

Tim Walker, Lily Cole and Spiral Staircase, Whadwan, Gujarat, India, 2005

If you are anywhere near Berlin--and I know some of you dear readers are, I am so jealous! This Friday, 'Fashion' will open at gallery CAMERA WORK. Featuring over 250 fashion photos from 66 photographers, this is a show not to be missed! (Please note: all photos are courtesy Camera Work and are only to be reproduced in reference to the exhibition with full captions).

Steven Klein, Kate in Red, 2003

The exhibit chronicles the development of fashion photography from its beginnings in the 1920s to the present time and it's virtual fashion heaven for fashion photography lovers like myself!

Horst P. Horst, Round the Clock 1, New York, 1987

Photos on display range from classic compositions by Edward Steichen, the experimental photographs of Man Ray, Helmut Newton's women, the cool elegance of the 1990s influenced by Peter Lindbergh, to Tim Walker's evocative work. Camera Work tells me that these are only a handful of examples from the comprehensive exhibition.

Michael Di Battista & Tina Berning, Vogue Italia FACE Project

Tina Berning (whose interview with tys is one of my favorite) and her artistic collaboration for the Vogue Italia FACE/Project with Michelangelo Di Battista is also part of the show.

If you are a reader in Berlin able to attend, please email me--I would love to hear about it!

Opening Exhibition: Friday, September 19 at 7pm by invitation only.
The show will be available to the public September 20 - November 15, 2008
Kantstrasse 149
10623 Berlin


Di Overton said...

What a fabulous collection of photographs. I love Tim Walker's work.

Mary Jo Matsumoto said...

I love Tim Walker's work too!

Rico said...

Terrific images. This site is such a visual feast. I also enjoyed the Lia Lintern shots and the Rodarte gown reminded me of a Helen Frankenthaler painting. You have such a astute eye for aesthetics. Keep up the great work.

Mary Jo Matsumoto said...

Thank you. And I'm glad you said something about that Rodarte gown. It's stayed in my mind for some reason, I think about it from time to time...

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