August 15, 2008

more confessions of a beauty product addict

I would feel remiss to leave you for an entire weekend without mentioning some more great beauty products that I'm now addicted to. Is it obvious yet that I'm a beauty product-junkie? I'm sure that winding up as a beauty editor is not as much of a chance happening as I always tell myself it is. Anyway, who needs self-therapy when there's soap to talk about--and lately I've been very into soap.

Believe it or not, I really do try out everything I rave about.

LUSH is making the most unbelievable yummy Porridge soap these days--it's slightly sweet with a faintly maple scent (surprisingly this smells really nice in the shower) and it also has a nice soft texture--just perfect for summer days moving into fall.

I'm also loving LUSH's limited edition White Wedding bath bomb. I feel a little guilty because I was going to give it to someone I know who's getting married, but it was so pretty and I couldn't resist the idea of some of my favorite scents: jasmine, ylang ylang, bergamot and rose. I mean shouldn't we all get to enjoy a bath bomb filled with confetti whether we're getting married or not?

I always love Aubrey Organics' great products, and lately I've been using their luxurious creme de la shave that comes in luscious scents like Orange Cream, Toasted Almond, and Raspberry Honey (my favorite).

Finally, my latest and greatest discovery is the Soypure product line. I'm in love with all of their products, but for now I'm just going to mention the Express Daily Maintenance Soap Trio that detoxifies, exfoliates, and moisturizes. I was sort of dubious when I laid the 3 bars out on a plate, but the soaps are different in color and texture, making it simple to use.

The Detoxifying soap is made with Hawaiian volcano mud salt and organic soy. The hot weather has really been drying my skin out, so the Daily Exfoliating soap followed by the Daily Moisturizing soap that contains organic soy flour and natural shea butter and cocoa seed butter are a wonderful remedy.

Hoping you'll indulge in a sweet beauty treat this weekend--calorie free and good for romance(!)

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pve design said...

lush and good smelling! love spoiling myself on these sorts of things, soap has always been a love of mine.

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