July 18, 2008

shallow obsessing strongly encouraged

It's not often I find myself wanting another handbag designer's bag, but my jaw dropped when I saw this Devi Kroll Large Bucket in Python. It's absolutely gorgeous--and I tell you, I have never--not once--desired any bag that remotely resembled a reptile. However, this one blows me away. Wouldn't it be amazing with a camel coat in the winter? I think I just love the boldness of it, plus there's no way anyone would ever think you were carrying a fake. How could you fake this bag?

I saw this bag thanks to The Purse Forum (who strongly encourages shallow obsessing). They let me know that this month they are giving away a wonderful Devi Kroell Python Bucket Bag in purple python retailing for $2,390. Click here for details. Happy obsessing!

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