June 13, 2008

rocking the cowgirl look

It's been awhile since there's been a Friday Style Question, but I couldn't resist asking Dack Ragus, editor of The Magnificent Bastard, to do the honors when he stopped by tys. I hope you will find him as entertaining as I do. Stay tuned for his full interview that will be posted later today.

Clockwise from upper left: Betty Boop, Lynda Carter, Cher, Veronica Lake, Jane Russell, Jane Fonda.

Today's style question:

While shopping this weekend I noticed a lot of tacky women's cowboy hats with scrunched up brims in hideous colors. I would never judge a person for their personal style but hasn't this gone on long enough? Madonna wore one in a video 15 years ago and even back then it looked awful. Aren't two season of Rock of Love enough to finally end this travesty?

the magnificent bastard: What's wrong with judging a person for their personal style? It's a really great time saver.

While we can't endorse tacky cowboy hats in hideous colors (or two seasons of Rock of Love for that matter), the "cowgirl" look is as American as apple pie and obesity. Love it or leave it, Rita!

Though it doesn't sound like you'll be attempting this look, the trick to making it work is to be sparing with the cowgirl elements, or it'll look like you're late for a date at either the County Fair or the O.K. Corral.

For instance: a cowboy hat with denim and boots = about right. Cowboy hat with denim, boots, and 6-shooter (like Jane Russell) = too much.

mj: From the "her style" point of view, I will offer a friendly disagreement. Rita, the cowgirl look is right up there with pink sweat suits that have big words written across the bootie. Sigh. I can see how in Europe or elsewhere women might get away with the cowgirl look in sort of an ironic way, but here in the US--you know and I know that scrunched up cowboy hats in bright colors and all other related cowgirl accessories are just yuck--sleazy! There are so many better ways to that a woman can accessorize. (Click here or here for some ideas).

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Anonymous said...

Dack, I appreciate your viewpoint but MaryJo, I concur with you. In fact, in Orange County, where I live, I have actually spotted the female of the Skank-species out in those bootie-embelished pink velour track suits with matching scrunchy-brimmed pink cowboy hats. I believe it is disrepectful to America's cowgirl heritage and the barrel-racing rodeo queens of the midwest, who actually look rather sexy in their hats and Wrangler jeans. -- Rita

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