April 22, 2008

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Habitual Jeans

I still have Diana Vreeland on my mind today. She once said, "Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola." I wasn't always convinced. Only a few years ago I lumped jeans into the same category as flip-flops and sweats that had large words written on the booty...non-fashion. But after I wrote a piece called Why Jeans Matter in my column at SheKnows.com, something changed for me.

Frankie B. Jeans

I came around, and for the last couple of years I wore True Religion or Habitual jeans most days. But as happens in fashion, every good thing must end and one day I woke up looking for something new. As much as I love the fact that it's there, Barney's Jeans Bar is a place I try to avoid. There's nothing more demoralizing than trying on 20 pair of jeans that don't seem to fit. (If you wade through enough you can find something--but who has hours to spend trying on jeans?) Luckily a couple of great brands came my way recently with no effort on my part. I thought I'd share in case you're looking to branch out in the jeans department.

Dittos Ryder Jeans: my favorite new pair

Dittos, for those of you who missed the 70s, is now under the creative direction of Frankie B.'s Daniella Clark and the updated collection is super groovy with a great fit.

Photo by Terry Richardson; Theodora Richards (on right) not wearing jeans

I was urged to try on and take a pair of 4 stroke jeans at the Fred Segal Lounge in Sundance. I was dubious because they looked super skinny, but on they have a great fit. The line is designed by Theodora Richards, Keith Richard's gorgeous daughter, and they truly rock. If you're looking for hot pair of jeans this would be it.

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