July 16, 2007

Gary Baseman

I had a lot of fun at the Gary Baseman reception on Saturday night which was packed with tons of fans, many of whom looked like they had walked right out of one of his paintings. Unfortunately something strange happened with my camera and I don't have the snaps of the great fashions and styles of the guests that I hoped to post.

It was also the opening night of Osteria Mozza, the fancier sister restaurant next to Pizzeria Mozza. I think this pizza definitely qualifies as one of my new obsessions. In addition to my fav squash blossom pizza I got to try a slice of the mushroom pizza. Heaven!

photo courtesy of triplecreme.

Even though I've lived in L.A. a long time and thought I was long over the novelty of seeing movie stars, I have to say that when Mario Batali waved at us on our way out and I got to tell him how much I love his pizza, I was thrilled like a geeky teenager! In case you're interested, Chowhound covered the opening night of Osteria Mozza in detail.

One of my other recent obsessions which I have been quietly savoring and keeping to myself is checking out the daily paintings of Edward B. Gordon over at dailypainters.com.

I love the way he captures people in private moments.

Because he's based in Berlin his paintings are always sold by the time I get my daily email. But one of these days I'm going to snag one.


C2 said...

Mary...I have become an avid admirer of Edward B. Gordon's paintings as well. You have done them a great justice on your blog. I'm sure he's pleased. He mentioned you in his blog and that's how I found you. I loved your swan compact. You might check my blog for my art. www.gotyme4u.blogspot.com It's always nice to meet another artist.

Mary Jo Matsumoto said...

I'm so glad you are a fan too. I'm excited because Edward has agreed to do a little interview here at tys, so please check back soon!

C. Ousley said...

Edward does some fine work. Looking forward to the interview. I made my first blog sale from my link on his site.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I am such a fan of Edward's. He is special.
A master at turning the mundane (the trash cans come to mind) into magic. He nails it every time.
I love this interview you did with him. Thanks for posting it.

Family Portrait Artist Kate said...

I'll have to check Edward out on that site - these examples are stunning!

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