February 16, 2007

Red Carpet Pampering

Hasty Khoei of Madame Chocolat!

Fashion Week is over and I have dived into the heart of covering pre-Red Carpet pampering and writing various Spring & Summer beauty articles for Affluent Magazine. It's actually good timing because I could truly use a little r&r! My next stop: Jessica's Nail Clinic, the natural nail care haven for everyone from Nancy Reagan to Madonna. More on this later...

Red Carpet Beauty starts at the Jessica Nail Clinic on Sunset Strip

Next week I'll also be stopping by The Mobile Diamond Oasis for a sneak preview of what Academy Award nominees, presenters and top VIPs will have delivered to their doorstep plus some DEVIL WEARS NADA Diamond Dusting, a DREAM GIRL Diamond Massage and a PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS Palm Reading by Madame Solitaire. Not to mention there's Anastasia's Annual Oscar Spa Retreat for aromatherapy, cryotherapy, and a diamond facial, plus a bunch of other pampering events that I'll be writing about as I go.

Barry Reitman loves Deva Brown chocolate lust for brunettes...

Red Carpet festivites started yesterday when Juan Juan stylist Barry Reitman gave my hair a much-needed post-Fashion Week conditioning-cocktail and cut. Barry is one of my favorite hair experts (www.hairbybarry.com) because of his experience and the fact that he always knows exactly how to solve whatever hair dilemma I might be having. I really didn't want to cut my hair and he convinced me that the best way to grow your hair is to trim it, otherwise the hair splits on the ends and then you just have long hair that's thin on the bottom. See, you learn something every day!

Hard to believe this dowdy jacket from THE QUEEN is a major fashion trend now in London & NY!

Last night I swung by the Women and Wine event at FIDM where there were five wines selected to match the "Best Picture" Oscar Nominees' costumes. It was actually pretty fun to check out the dresses from BOBBY, MARIE ANTOINETTE, THE QUEEN, etc. I'm still getting over how tiny Cate Blanchett must be to fit into the faux-gem encrusted vintage dress from THE GOOD GERMAN! I have to confess that my favorite part was the amazing chocolates provided by Madame Chocolat of Beverly Hills (see Madame's photo at the top of this post)--each one tasted better than the next!

I am convinced great chocolate = great style

It was the also the first chance I've had to carry one of my hot-off-the-press Infinity clutches. This may not mean much to you guys, but I was thrilled I could fit my ridiculously huge bunch of keys, cell phone, camera, lip balms, and oversized business cards easily into my newly designed shiny black patent leather clutch--for someone who's always designed tiny lipstick bags that fit a key, some cash, and not much else, this was very exciting!

My new Black patent leather "Infinity" clutch with pink lining!

Finally, last night turned out to be the perfect opportunity to toast the fact that Feb. 14th was my 300th posting at Trust Your Style! I was actually worried when I started Trust Your Style a few years ago, that I'd be able to keep up with it. As it turned out, it's one of my favorite venues to write because I love the way it's evolved into a true contemplation of style, whether it's in art, fashion, beauty, or design. I found in the meantime that interviewing all the talented artists and designers that I come across is my favorite thing of all. I just want to thank everyone for all the support and great feedback. I was blown away when I found out last week that there are thousands of people reading my humble blog daily--oh my gosh, thank you everyone!

Before I sign off, I'll just note that although I sadly missed the opening last night of Step Twelve, a new place for shoe-addicts in Santa Monica, I'll be stopping by soon with none other than my shoe shopping partner in crime, the infamous Mr. X...it could be very dangerous!

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Anonymous said...

A shoe store called Step 12?

Hello, I'm Ruth and I'm a shoeaholic

"God grant me the serenity to accept that there are some shoes I just can't wear, the courage to wear the shoes I can, and the wisdom (and style sense) to know the difference..."

LOL, a male friend once asked me, "New shoes or sex?" Needless to say, I had to think about it...
Hmmmm...maybe it's time for an intervention...

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