February 4, 2007

More on the Fashion Front

Alexandre Herchcovitch: is he bonkers or brilliant? Decide for yourself!

It's been a busy few days since Fashion Week kicked off, and I hope you've had a chance to click over to www.sheknows.com/fashion to check out what's going on in New York.

I am way in love with this outfit from Bruce

Later today I'll be discussing trash bags on the runway at Alexandre Herchcovitch, what trends from Paris are sticking in New York (if any), the return of Bruce, and more...

Who are Izzy's favorite models? Read it and weep!

If you missed yesterday's Fashion Week coverage, just click here and scroll down to meet my dear pal Izzy, who's shooting behind-the-scenes for Sheknows.com. You'll also want to read up on what Billy Jean King and Barbara Bush have in common--no, I'm not kidding.

Meanwhile, I know I've left you hanging on the Trust Your Style Valentine Countdown front, so to make up for that, here a few little goodies that have been helping me make it through Fashion Week. I thought any and all of them would make for great gifts:

Eco Lips

This is actually a great gift for a guy. It's the first thing I put on every day, and it's especially important during a cold and hectic week. A certified organic product, you won't be injesting petroleum, parabens, or GMOs, and it comes in a handy stick with all kinds of detachable clips for people on the go. Having tried almost everything on the market, I consider myself a bit of a lip balm expert, and for me the consistency is just perfect--smooth and light with no graininess, plus there are lots of great choices. You can chose from the Organic Beeswax, or Vegan Bee-free, Organic Vanilla, Organic Medicinal for cold sores, SPF 15 Berry, SPF 15 Mint, and SPF 30 for extreme outdoor enthusiasts. Another cool thing is that one percent of all Eco Lips products are pledged to environmentally focused organizations. The Eco Lips Lip Care Kit with seven Eco lip balms is $20.99 at www.ecolips.com.

Thera Neem Leaf and Oil Cream

This is another good one for guys as well as women--and I swear by it. As a beauty writer, I've tried almost every cream on the market. My fingers are constantly on the keyboard, so I need something that's not goopy or greasy, but will keep my hands from getting chapped. If you're into natural products the way I am, you will love this certified organic cream. The little 2 oz. white plastic container fits right into my bag and goes everywhere with me. I highly recommend it! You can order it at www.organixsouth.com or call 1-888-989-NEEM.

Zone Chefs (this one's more of a valentine gift for yourself)

When you're on a tight deadline or any sort of intense schedule, the last thing you want to think about is food. Not that I'm in any danger of being a fainting model, but I do depend on Zone Chefs to help me through fashion week. I won't list the number of actors, atheletes, and other high profile people who subscribe to it, I'll just say it's pretty yummy. They bring three meals and two snacks for the day to your door by 5 am in a black cooler. The customer service is wonderful--you just specify what you do or don't eat and how much you weigh, and they tailor it to your needs and size. All you have to do is unzip the cooler and pop your food into the fridge. Lunch is usually a sandwich or salad that doesn't need to be heated up so it's easy to take with you. The best part is they're located in New York and Los Angeles so if you travel between the two, you can have it delivered wherever you're staying. Call 1-800-211-0709 or www.ZoneChefs.com.

I wish I could say sleep was on this list, but that's a luxury that will have to wait until after Feb. 9. Enjoy your Sunday and for any of you who want to keep up with New York Fashion week, I'm posting several times a day over there, just click on www.sheknows.com/fashion for the lastest.

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